The Own YOUR Business Philosophy

Do You Believe In Blockchain?

Blockchain is a new technology, and is disrupting industries ground-up thanks to its “trustless world” promise. But to join the revolution organizations have to buy new software, spend money in updating their old systems, share sensible data with third parts, with all the security and privacy issues that come from this. In one sentence: they are LOSING CONTROL on their business!

We Believe In Trust

We dream a world where TRUST is not an issue, a future where thanks to BLOCKCHAIN technology companies and institutions may take control of their systems. Where any certification, document or data may be sended to any blockchain, without worrying of safety or privacy issues. We believe in a world you may actually OWN YOUR BUSINESS!

The Trust Design Approach

The solution we bring to the market is “Trust”. Our platform and our algorithms are based on what we like to call “Trust Design”, a new approach to thinking, designing and creating software.

Embedded Trust

We think trust should be “embedded”, this is why we design algorithms that can be used in existing systems and make them GDPR ready.

Safe by Design

We know nothing is unhackable. This is why while trying to build a safe software we also design each step of the transaction process to be secure.

Easy to Use

Designing with trust in mind also means to create a simple user experience, thanks to which any user may feel confident in running it’s business.

Discover our <API> Trust Kit

Easily integrate any public blockchain into your apps, services or products. Thanks to our API Kit, It’s your call!

The Kit provides low-level access tools to the implemented blockchains (currently Ethereum, more coming soon or on request). Thanks to them, you may use the blockchain protocol as a service, for:

Document Validation

String Validation

Set Data

Certified Data Transaction

Asset Transaction

Financial Transaction

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Trust as a Service

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