What We do

We are an IT service provider. Our Trust as A Service (TaAS) API platform and it’s embedded trust algorithms bring to any person or organization the power of blockchain technology as it was meant to be.


  • Industry
  • insurance
  • banking
  • Luxury


  • Digital Identity
  • Validation data
  • Consent Management
  • Unique Validity


Our Purposes

We dream a world where "trust" is not an issue

Embedded Trust

We leverage the power of the blockchain as it was thought, to create “trust ready” algorithms that take the “human factor” out from the equation.

Easy to Use

Designing with trust in mind also means to create a simple user experience, thanks to which any user may feel confident in running it’s business.

Ready to Scale

Trust is not a "one man show" this is why we design our solutions and services to be scalable and adapt to handle any number of users that decide to use them.

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